Wednesday, 2 December 2009

New Image - By David Rankin

David Rankin, recently returned for Yunnan, and found M. violacea in the Wu Meng Shan.  Previously, this species was described from Northern Burma ( Myanmar ) by Kingdom - Ward in 1926.  This is a completely new location.  Was in cultivation, but lost many years ago.  Beautiful images of a superb plant.  Also from the same area by the same exploring group M. wumungensis photographed in colour for the first time by a western photographer, Pam Eveleigh ( of Primula World fame ).  Note : It is becoming increasingly clear that M. wilsonii is probably conspecific with M. violacea.  I am very grateful to Professor David Rankin and Paul Egan for lots of helpful comments and advice as well as extensive images.  There are more details under the two species but the website will be udpated as things become more clear.