Saturday, 12 March 2005

Meconopsis tibetica - Photos In The Garden

Flowered by Geoff Hill of the Meconopsis Group in 2010 in Scotland. All of the species in the Discogyne that have been tried have proved very difficult to grow let alone flower and this is rather a triumph since only one seed germinated. The definging dark purple disc beyond the protruding purple stgma can be clearly seen. The copy right of this image belongs to Geoff Hill. Typical rosette of the sub genus Discogyne with characteristic lobing at the tip of each leaf. This species, like others in the section, is monocarpic but may take some years to flower. This plant set no seed - nearly all species need cross pollinating -but perhaps it is the'easy' one of the section and is clearly very desirable if it is growable. Like most Meconopsis a cool northern climate will suit it.